Morneau has no grudge against McDonald

Morneau has no grudge against McDonald

MINNEAPOLIS -- The last time that Justin Morneau played in a game, it was against the Toronto Blue Jays. And when Morneau worked out on the field on Thursday, it came before the opener of the club's four-game series with the Blue Jays.

Morneau has not played since he suffered a concussion on July 7 in Toronto when he was accidentally kneed by Blue Jays second baseman John McDonald while trying to break up a double play. Since the Blue Jays were in town on Thursday, Morneau was asked after his workout if he had spoken to McDonald since the unfortunate collision took place.

"He called me the next day when we were in the clubhouse there and asked me how I was doing," Morneau said. "He apologized. I told him he didn't need to apologize, it was a baseball play. I was trying to take him out at second, it was just an unfortunate situation. He's obviously not trying to knee me in the head. It was just something that happened. I'm not going to go into second any differently and he's not going to try to turn double plays any differently."

Morneau said that since McDonald had watched teammate Aaron Hill struggle while trying to recover from a concussion, the Blue Jays infielder just wanted to make sure that Morneau didn't rush his recovery. Since that game, McDonald has checked with Corey Koskie, a former teammate of both players, for updates on Morneau's recovery.

"He's a great guy and I appreciated him calling," Morneau said. "I don't hold anything against him, that's for sure.