Gardenhire calls Game 2 'almost do-or-die'

Gardenhire calls Game 2 'almost do-or-die'

MINNEAPOLIS -- Twins manager Ron Gardenhire isn't typically one to make strong statements about the importance of certain games.

But Gardenhire didn't mince words when talking about how critical it is for his team to come up with a win in Game 2 of the American League Division Series against the Yankees at Target Field on Thursday night.

"This is a huge game," Gardenhire said while talking to local reporters in his office. "This is almost a do-or-die type thing. You don't want to go into New York 0-2. I try not to put pressure on guys, but this is one that we've got to get. We need to get this game. It's very important."

Gardenhire was asked whether anything was done to try to keep his team loose for Game 2, considering the pressure that's on them after losing the first game at home in the best-of-five series.

"Oh, they've been yelling. I've been hearing a bunch of yelling out there," Gardenhire said, as shouts and sounds of laughter were coming from inside the clubhouse. "So that tells me they are pretty loose."