Twins ready for Texas heat

Twins ready for Texas heat

ARLINGTON -- After last week's heat wave in Minneapolis, the Twins have seen their fair share of hot weather.

But they'll see ever more extreme heat during their four-game series in Texas, as it's expected to be above 100 degrees every day this week.

The Twins took the precaution of cancelling early batting practice before Monday's game, and also had their starting position players take first cuts during regular batting practice before getting off the field to avoid overheating.

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire, though, said he expects this heat to be easier to deal compared to the humid weather that hit the Twin Cities last week.

"This is a dry heat here," said Gardenhire, who saw similar weather growing up in Oklahoma. "Just get in the shade and you're good. I grew up down here. This is bearable. Sure, it's 100-plus, but the humidity factor in Minnesota was terrible. That makes a big difference during the games."

Gardenhire, who has been battling a viral infection since last week, said he's feeling much better and expects to watch the game from the dugout.