Span, Revere soak up lessons from Torii

Span, Revere soak up lessons from Torii

ANAHEIM -- Former Twins center fielder Torii Hunter went to breakfast with Twins outfielders Denard Span and Ben Revere before Wednesday's game at Angel Stadium.

"We hung out, ate breakfast this morning, talked trash, talked about life -- not too much about baseball," said Hunter, who played parts of 11 seasons in Minnesota. "I was just trying to get to know Ben a little and catch up with Denard; I hadn't talked to him in a while."

Hunter talked about how he tried to help groom Span for his role in center field, which he learned from Hall of Famer Kirby Puckett, and that Span is now doing the same for Revere, who is in his rookie season.

"That's one thing I always told Denard, 'Make sure you share it, whatever it may be. Help the next guy,'" Hunter said. "When I was talking to Ben, he said, 'Denard has already told me that.' So it's like a domino effect."

Span also made sure to tell Revere that he was proud of the way he handled center field in his absence, as Span missed nearly two months with a concussion suffered June 3 before returning to action Tuesday.

"I just wanted to clear the air with him just in case, because there's a lot of stuff that's been written about me and him, me vs. him, and it ain't that," Span said. "If anybody is happy for him, it's me, and I told him that."