Revere to see more time in outfield

Revere to see more time in outfield

DETROIT -- With Delmon Young having been sent to the Tigers via trade on Monday, the Twins will turn to rookie Ben Revere as their starting left fielder down the stretch.

Revere, who was blocked by a crowded outfield that included Jason Kubel, Michael Cuddyer and Denard Span, will now get his chance to see regular playing time.

He was the club's regular center fielder when Span missed 48 games with a concussion suffered on June 3, but now his role won't be a temporary one with Young in Detroit. He also started in center on Monday, as Span was a late scratch with lingering concussion symptoms.

"Revere has been an exciting player for us this year," Twins general manager Bill Smith said. "We'll see how it plays. This is the time to make this deal and move forward, and get a chance to see Ben Revere now."

Revere admitted the deal was bittersweet, as he liked Young as a teammate, but knows the trade opens up more playing time for him.

"A little bit, yeah," Revere said. "I'm going to get a lot more playing time now. So it should be a good experience. Hopefully, I can just focus on getting back into the race even though we don't have too much time. So anything I can do to help, I'm going to do it."