Lamb moved up in batting order

Lamb moved up in batting order

MINNEAPOLIS -- Twins acting manager Scott Ullger decided to shake up the top of the lineup for Saturday night's game against the Tigers, moving third baseman Mike Lamb to second in the order.

"We're trying to do something. We figure at least if [lead-off hitter Brendan] Harris gets on base, maybe Lamb can pull it through that hole [between first and second]," Ullger said. "I know that doesn't give us much speed, but with this team we're playing, you've got to score some runs. "

In the previous three seasons, Lamb has hit second in the lineup 261 times and holds a .280 average with 24 walks. He has only hit in the sixth, seventh and eighth spots for the Twins this season.

Lamb is getting off to a slow start this season, hitting just .202 in 84 at-bats. Ullger said with Harris, who is not a threat to steal, hitting in front of Lamb, he should get the opportunity to swing away.

"He's a veteran guy. He knows not to try to do too much just because he's moving spots in the lineup," Ullger said. "I think probably in the last week he's started to feel more comfortable at the plate. He's been seeing the ball better. He's had a couple hits in a couple games. Some guys are just slow starters."

Lamb finished his 2007 campaign with the Astros batting .289 in 124 at-bats.

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