Revere turns to football to increase arm strength

Revere turns to football to increase arm strength

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Twins left fielder Ben Revere worked hard this offseason to improve his arm strength and said it's paid off so far.

Revere said one of the keys was adding a new wrinkle to his offseason training, as he started throwing footballs long distance.

"It helped my arm strength a lot," Revere said. "It's helped me out because it helps me put some backspin on the ball. Hopefully, I'll have an Ichiro arm."

So while Revere's arm won't get mistaken for Ichiro's anytime soon, Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said he has noticed a difference.

"His throwing has been getting better," Gardenhire said. "The ball is coming out of his hand. He's working a lot in left field this spring. He's making sure to throw to the right cutoff man with all the angles to the ball. He'll get that in games a lot more than those workouts. He's a pretty good little player who can do some things. We'll see how he handles himself this spring."