Morneau sits vs. CC, but eager to return to first

Morneau sits vs. CC, but eager to return to first

Morneau sits vs. CC, but eager to return to first
NEW YORK -- A day after playing first base for the first time this season, Justin Morneau said he felt just fine on Tuesday.

Morneau, though, was held out of the lineup against the Yankees because of his struggles against CC Sabathia, as he's a career .140 hitter (6-for-40) against the left-hander. Luke Hughes made his first start of the season at first base in his place.

Morneau said he plans on gradually playing more first base as the season goes along to ease back into being the club's regular first baseman.

"I don't know what the schedule is," Morneau said. "It's not going to be here on out the rest of the way. Hopefully this is the first step to being back out there every day or almost every day. The ultimate goal is always to be healthy enough to play every day. However many days over there, I'm not sure, but hopefully it's more over there than DHing."

Morneau went 2-for-5 with a homer in the Twins' 7-3 win, and said he felt more comfortable at the plate because he was able to keep busy in between at-bats by being out in the field.

"I felt like I was more into the game and more involved," Morneau said. "When you're out running the bases, it kind of helps. I got on base the first at-bat and it helps you feel involved in the game. I don't know whether or not that made a difference but I didn't have as much time to think about those things, which is good."

Morneau also said he didn't feel any ill effects after diving for a ball at first base in the seventh inning. It was a diving play at first that ended his season last year on Aug. 28, as it re-aggravated his concussion-like symptoms.

"It was just a natural reaction to see how I felt after that, but everything reacted really well," Morneau said. "I felt good. But it was a different play. The ball kind of took a more predictable hop. I just about got it. It was more of a reaction play. It's part of the game. I didn't really think about it until after, which was good."