Gardenhire happy overall with Twins' defense

Gardenhire happy overall with Twins' defense

ST. PETERSBURG -- As a whole, manager Ron Gardenhire has been pleased with the Twins' defense through the club's first 13 games.

Gardenhire pointed to Jamey Carroll's work in the infield -- the way he makes a bullet hit his way into a routine play, how he's taken an active role in terms of communicating with his teammates and how he doesn't try to be too flashy about it.

But there's one thing Gardenhire would like to see more of from his infielders: double plays. The Twins have turned 11 on the season, better than four other American League teams. But Gardenhire thought his club has mishandled a few opportunities and missed several others by playing too deep in the infield.

"We've messed up some of these changes around the bag. We'll get better at it. They're working on it," Gardenhire said. "They go out there every day and turn double plays from third and turn double plays from second. They'll get it. ... When we start doing that, I'll be a little more comfortable -- because you can't afford, when you get those opportunities, not to turn them.

"We've got to do a better job turning double plays, but we're catching the ball better, absolutely."