Gardenhire impressed with Carroll's defense

Gardenhire impressed with Carroll's defense

MINNEAPOLIS -- Manager Ron Gardenhire continues to be impressed by shortstop Jamey Carroll's defense this season.

Carroll made several difficult plays during Monday's 6-5 loss to the Red Sox, including a diving play that led to a double play on a hard-hit ball from David Ortiz.

"[Carroll's] pretty good," Gardenhire said. "He knows what he's doing. He positions himself well. He knows how to get the outs. It's just what we saw against us all those years. He's solid and always knows where to be."

Carroll, 38, has also yet to take a day off from shortstop this season, but he could be getting a break soon even if Carroll wants to stay in there, according to Gardenhire.

"I'm supposed to give him a day off, but I can't afford it," Gardenhire said. "I talked to him about that how he's played every inning of every game, but he said that he was on the bench until he was 27 years old and that he didn't need the bench anymore because he rested the first half of his career. So he likes to be out there playing."