Cuddyer to miss Friday's action

Cuddyer to miss Friday's action

MINNEAPOLIS -- Twins manager Ron Gardenhire called it a case of "Randy Johnson-itis."

That's what Gardenhire joked was the cause for why right fielder Michael Cuddyer will miss Friday's series opener against the Diamondbacks with the Big Unit on the mound. In reality, Cuddyer's absence will be due to the impending birth of his first child.

Cuddyer's wife, Claudia, was headed to the hospital on Thursday night to have her labor induced. The couple is having a boy, who will be named Casey.

His manager may have joked about Johnson playing a factor in the absence, but Cuddyer kidded that if he had his way, the birth would be pushed back to Sunday. That's when 2006 National League Cy Young Award winner Brandon Webb is scheduled to face the club.

"I told her to keep him in there until Sunday, but it didn't work," Cuddyer quipped.

So there are no plans to change the baby's name to Randy Johnson based on the occasion?

Cuddyer shot down the name-change idea, but he did have one suggestion that his baby boy and Johnson could have in common.

"[If the child is] left-handed, I wouldn't mind that," Cuddyer said

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