Pitchers, catchers have closed-door meeting

Pitchers, catchers have closed-door meeting

MINNEAPOLIS -- Twins pitching coach Rick Anderson held a closed-door meeting with all 13 pitchers and both catchers after the club's 7-6 loss to the Red Sox on Wednesday.

Minnesota's starting pitchers have struggled this season with a Major-League worst 7.09 ERA entering Friday's game against the Royals. And the club also enters Friday's game with the second-worst ERA in the Majors at 5.76 ERA.

It was Anderson's decision to hold the meeting, according to Twins manager Ron Gardenhire.

"He wanted to take the pitchers in and I agreed with him," Gardenhire said. "We talked about after the ballgame about getting all the pitchers in there and talking about trusting your stuff. Sure there's scouting reports that say this guy hits this better than this, but a pitcher has to stay with his strengths. We've probably got some of our pitchers getting away from their strengths."

Catcher Joe Mauer also shed light on what was talked about during the meeting, which lasted 20 minutes.

"I just think it's [that] we're a lot better than what we've shown," Mauer said. "That's kind of what the meeting was about. Just try and get back on track. That's about it."