Morneau back with team, but return uncertain

Morneau back with team, but return uncertain

Morneau back with team, but return uncertain
ANAHEIM -- Twins designated hitter Justin Morneau rejoined the team on Wednesday, a day after he flew to Minnesota to have his sore left wrist examined by hand specialist Thomas Varecka.

Morneau received good news from the doctor, as an MRI exam showed only inflammation and some fluid in his wrist. The Twins remain hopeful he can return to the lineup on Friday against the Mariners in Seattle, after Thursday's off-day, but he said he has to see how his wrist responds.

"Everything structurally looked good," Morneau said. "He's not sure exactly on how long until it'll be better. It's hard to say. It just needs to get to the point where it's tolerable and not something that lingers. How many days that is, I don't know. We're going to take today off, the off-day, and come back and see how it is on Friday. I have no idea how it's going to feel."

Morneau added that he was told by Varecka that this shouldn't be a problem throughout the season, as it's a common setback for those who have undergone wrist surgery. Morneau had a tendon in the back of his wrist stabilized last September.

Morneau said it was the sheath around the tendon that tightened up in his wrist, but that it should loosen with time.

"He said it should return to normal; it's just the body's natural reaction," Morneau said. "He said he was surprised this was the first time I've had any problems with it. He was surprised I didn't get something sooner. It's pretty common with this surgery. I don't think he was pleased because it's not nothing, but pleased as far as everything structurally, how everything was fixed, everything's where it needs to be, and that's a positive for sure."

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire was happy to have Morneau back with the club even though he didn't swing or work out with the team on Wednesday. "He'll be fine," Gardenhire said. "He got everything checked out. Let him get his treatment and all those things. He's not going to swing today. And we'll get back Friday and see how he's doing Friday, with the possibility of getting in Friday. We'll just see how he feels."