Gardenhire addresses Marquis' pace on hill

Gardenhire addresses Marquis' pace on hill

DETROIT -- Manager Ron Gardenhire is going to have a talk with Jason Marquis after the starter allowed five runs on nine hits in five innings in a 5-0 loss to the Indians on Tuesday.

Marquis signed a one-year deal with the Twins in the offseason and has compiled a 2-3 record and 6.68 ERA. However, that's not as worrisome to Gardenhire as the time Marquis has taken between pitches.

"He's got to pick up the pace," Gardenhire said. "It can't be 25-30 seconds between pitches. It can kill your offense. So can Derek Lowe, but that can kill your offense. It takes the momentum out of everything you do. You work so hard, you score a run or two and then you got to stand for 15-20 minutes playing defense ... and that can deflate you. We have to work a little bit faster."

Gardenhire said he was also a bit unhappy with how Marquis carried himself on the mound Tuesday.

"He was looking around to see where we were playing people. Those things don't float with me," Gardenhire said. "I don't like that stuff. We're playing him, if you don't like it then you turn around and you move them before you throw the ball. Don't second-guess it after you throw the ball and the ball's hit.

"And I'm not saying he did that, but he was looking around like 'Where are we?' And I don't like that. We're all together. I'm not saying he's against anybody, but that's mannerisms and those things play a big part."