Capps and Doumit return to PNC as visitors

Capps and Doumit return to PNC as visitors

Capps and Doumit return to PNC as visitors
PITTSBURGH -- Twins catcher Ryan Doumit and closer Matt Capps both made their first returns to PNC Park in a visiting team's uniform on Tuesday.

Doumit, who played with the Pirates for seven seasons from 2005-11 before signing a one-year deal worth $3 million with Minnesota this offseason, said it was strange being in the visitor's clubhouse for the first time.

"It's a little different," Doumit said. "I thought I knew every inch of this park, but I guess not."

Doumit added he enjoyed his time in Pittsburgh and was happy to see the Pirates having success this season, as they entered Tuesday's game in second place in the National League Central.

"I loved everything about my time here," Doumit said. "I really did. I grew up in this organization. Quality people on that side. It's a great city and a great place to play, but it was just time for me to move on. I wish everybody nothing but the best here."

Capps, who played in Pittsburgh for five years from 2005-09 had only positive things to say about his former club.

"It's kind of cool, making the first left instead of going down the hallway," said Capps, who is nursing inflammation in his throwing shoulder. "It's different. It's the first time I've been here since '09. I faced them a couple times when I was in Washington, but hadn't been back here. It's a little different."

Capps also praised the ballpark, which along with Target Field, is generally rated as one of the tops in all of baseball.

"The view from the dugout is second to none," Capps said. "At night when the city is lit up and the bridges are lit up, it's a beautiful place. As far as the amenities and the atmosphere, Target Field is second to none. Both are great in their own right."