Vavra's advice helping Doumit drive the ball

Vavra's advice helping Doumit drive the ball

CHICAGO -- The Twins' Ryan Doumit went without a home run in 20 straight games before roping three long balls in his last two games entering Tuesday to bring his season total to 10.

Doumit said the recent success is a combination of being in a groove at the plate and tweaking his batting stance.

"I owe a lot to Joe Vavra, our hitting coach, who kind of addressed some things he had noticed in my stance as to what could be preventing me from really driving the ball," Doumit said. "It's something we've been working on the last couple days, and it's been paying off in the game."

Doumit didn't share what he and Vavra worked on specifically. Even when he wasn't going deep, Doumit was in a groove. He batted .350 with four home runs and 16 RBIs in his previous 27 games.

He said his offensive contributions are necessary to stay in a lineup that can feature as many as three position players who play catcher.

"It's great that we're versatile enough to play other positions, with Joe [Mauer] at first and catching and DH, and myself playing a little bit of outfield," Doumit said. "We get a chance to not only keep our legs fresh so we can go out there and play every day, but also keep our bats in the lineup."