Gardenhire offers up instant replay proposal

Gardenhire offers up instant replay proposal

Gardenhire offers up instant replay proposal
CHICAGO -- Manager Ron Gardenhire's ideal plan for an instant replay in baseball would be having a red flag he can throw to challenge a call, prompting a supervisor already stationed in a booth watching the replay to indicate whether or not the call should stand.

"They have an umpire's supervisor at every ballgame," Gardenhire said. "Why can't he be watching the game and have a monitor there and have the replay they want to have?"

Gardenhire said he doesn't want the game to be stopped every five seconds for replay, and he doesn't want football stoppages where the umpires have to run off the field to view the play.

"I would love to have a red flag," Gardenhire said. "It would save me a [lot] of money if they can figure out a way to have a guy in the booth up there, and if you got it right, he turns on a light."

A few close calls occurred in Tuesday's 11-4 loss to the White Sox. One of the plays came on a diving catch in right field by Darin Mastroianni that was originally ruled a single before the umpires conferred and decided he caught the ball.

While Gardenhire's in favor of getting a certain amount of challenges per game, he admitted in the case of a play like Mastroianni's, sometimes replays will be inconclusive. In Gardenhire's scenario, the supervisor in charge would indicate whether the call was right or wrong with a green or red sign or flag.

"That sounds too simple," Gardenhire said. "There's probably got to be a little more than that. If it's, 'I don't know,' then a yellow flag. I just think they can do a lot with replay, if you really want to use it. But you can't do it with balls and strikes."