Duensing looks back on Olympics experience

Duensing looks back on Olympics experience

MINNEAPOLIS -- Twins left-hander Brian Duensing was reminded of his time representing the United States in the 2008 Beijing Olympics while watching the Opening Ceremonies for this year's Olympics in London on Friday night.

Duensing earned a bronze medal four years ago while playing for Team USA, and said it's a memory he'll never forget.

"I watched the Opening Ceremonies last night and started feeling jealous of the athletes there because I know exactly what's going through their head and how they're feeling," Duensing said. "It's a very special moment to be able to do it. Unfortunately, for baseball, it might not ever happen again. But to be there for the last one was pretty exciting."

Duensing was on a team that featured current big leaguers such as Stephen Strasburg, Brett Anderson, Trevor Cahill, Lou Marson and Dexter Fowler.

He posted a 1.17 ERA with five strikeouts and two walks in 7 2/3 innings as a reliever. But Team USA lost to Cuba in the semifinals and had to settle for bronze after beating Japan to take third place. Baseball was dropped as an Olympic sport after the 2008 Olympics.

"Beijing was unreal," said Duensing, who keeps his medal in a safe. "I met a lot of interesting athletes and playing in a different country and representing your country is amazing in itself. We won a bronze medal, which is something a lot of people can say they never did, but at the same time we were disappointed winning the bronze because we had a pretty good team."