Revere's speed, contact ability proving dynamic

Revere's speed, contact ability proving dynamic

MINNEAPOLIS -- Ben Revere doesn't swing and miss very often -- especially at pitches in the strike zone.

The Minnesota outfielder entered Tuesday's game making contact on 98.1 percent of his swings at strikes, the best among qualified players according to Revere also had the fewest strikeouts (35) among American League players with at least 300 plate appearances.

Revere was connecting on 92.8 percent of his swings overall, the second-highest rate in baseball behind Giants infielder Marco Scutaro's 94.8 percent.

"Pretty much, my game is contact hitter," Revere said. "The main thing -- I take pitches. I get two strikes, with my speed, I'm just trying to put the ball in play or just try to get a pitch I can hit and hopefully drive it. Just make the defense kind of panic a little bit."

The 24-year-old came into Tuesday tied with teammate Joe Mauer with the AL's sixth-best batting average at .312. Thirty-five of Revere's 119 hits have been infield hits.

"I see it in my zone, I'm going to put it in play, no matter what," Revere said. "Hopefully I can find a hole. In baseball, if you put it in play, eventually you're going to find a hole somewhere. With my speed, I can hit it just, probably, like five feet to the left of somebody. They might make a good play but I'll be safe, there you go. Then steal a base and score a run."