Gardenhire desires additional roster spots

Gardenhire desires additional roster spots

CHICAGO -- Twins manager Ron Gardenhire joked Tuesday night the White Sox shuffled their lineup like a football team during Minnesota's 18-9 win.

And although the White Sox only have 33 of the possible 40 spots filled on their active roster this month, it raises the common talking point of September callups bloating rosters during playoff races.

Gardenhire has no issue with teams adding as many players as they want once rosters expand. He's done the same in years when the Twins were in contention, bringing up specialty guys to run, hit or provide extra arms in the bullpen.

One thing Gardenhire would like to see, however -- and something that has been discussed -- is additional roster spots during the rest of the regular season.

"I think that we should play with about 27 guys in the regular season," Gardenhire said. "It would really minimize the up-and-down guys. When you have a bad day in your rotation or a couple bad days, if you had a couple extra guys out there, you could have more pitchers.

"There would be less roster moves. You end up sending guys here and there and all over the place anyway."