Gardy sees good, bad with Twins' 2013 schedule

Gardy sees good, bad with Twins' 2013 schedule

MINNEAPOLIS -- Manager Ron Gardenhire sees the Twins' 2013 schedule -- released on Wednesday -- as a mixed bag.

The first portions of the schedule that caught the skipper's attention were the Twins' two 20-day, 20-game stretches. Minnesota will play 20 straight games -- 12 on the road -- immediately prior to the All-Star break, in addition to another 20 straight to close the season.

"Those are stretches that you don't like to see during the course of the year -- 20 games in a row -- and we've got two of them," Gardenhire said.

Gardenhire was also disappointed to see that the Twins will play just four games against Interleague rival Milwaukee as opposed to six. Minnesota will visit the Brewers for two games (May 27-28) before hosting them for two more (May 29-30).

"That's crazy. You expect to see three and three with your natural rival," Gardenhire said. "That's a party when we go to Milwaukee. It really is an event for Twins fans. They go there like they go to Kansas City. So that's kind of disappointing."

But Gardenhire couldn't take any issue with another aspect of the schedule -- opening at home. The Twins start their season at home for the first time since Target Field opened in 2010 with an April 1 tilt against the Tigers.

"Starting at home is great," Gardenhire said. "If the weather says it's OK, then we'll say OK."