Worley, May meet new teammates at TwinsFest

MINNEAPOLIS -- Right-handers Vance Worley and Trevor May, who were both acquired in the trade that sent Ben Revere to Philadelphia, had a chance to meet their new teammates at TwinsFest at the Metrodome.

Worley, who is expected to be in the rotation after posting a 3.50 ERA in parts of three seasons with the Phillies, said he learned plenty during his time in Philadelphia pitching alongside Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels.

"Hopefully I'll bring a little bit that I did learn from being in Philly from Doc, Cole and Cliff," Worley said. "I took a little bit from each one of those guys, and hopefully I can show these guys what those guys could do too and build off each other here."

May, ranked as the club's No. 6 prospect according to MLB.com, spent 2012 in Double-A where he posted a 4.87 ERA with 151 strikeouts in 149 2/3 innings. He had his share of struggles in midseason, but said he's worked everything out heading into this season.

"I had real high expectations from that first month on, but stumbled a little bit," said May, who is expected to start in Triple-A. "I look back and think of it as growing pains. I thought I was a much better pitcher at the end of the year, even with the numbers at the beginning of the year, much better at the beginning than the end. All in all, a success. It might not have seemed that way on paper because the stumbling happened for a little bit longer than I would have liked. But I feel like I'm definitely closer to my goal than I was going into last year."