Plouffe shows support for Collins' coming out

DETROIT -- With the news that NBA player Jason Collins came out in Sports Illustrated as a gay professional athlete, the reaction in most of the sports world has been positive and welcoming.

For Twins third baseman Trevor Plouffe, the news was close to home -- literally. Plouffe grew up in the Los Angeles area, about 20 minutes away from where Collins grew up.

"I'm happy for him," Plouffe said. "It's amazing that it's taken this long [for someone to come out]. I have no problem with it at all, and hopefully it opens the door for more guys to come out, so they can feel like themselves and not have to hide something."

Collins played at Stanford and has been in the NBA since 2001. As the first active athlete to come out among the major American sports, he hopes this helps other athletes. So does Plouffe, who called it "good for sports."

"It should have been sooner, in my opinion," Plouffe said. "Like I said, hopefully that opens the door for other guys to come out so they don't have to live a double life. [They can] just come out and be who you are."

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