Neshek's finger feels better

Neshek's finger feels better

DETROIT -- Pat Neshek said that his right middle finger wasn't bothering him during his short outing on Wednesday night, when he walked a batter and hit one with a pitch.

The right-hander, who didn't pitch for 10 days between April 14 and this past Saturday, threw eight pitches but only one for a strike.

"That's the best it's felt out there," Neshek said of his finger after the game on Wednesday night. "It felt good. I just didn't have the command, and it was one of those off nights. I felt I made a couple good pitches there, the first couple. I just didn't get the call and then everything was up."

Prior to Wednesday's outing, when he gave up two runs while facing just the two Tigers batters, Neshek had tallied five scoreless appearances this season. One concern on Wednesday night was that Neshek's velocity was down, but the Twins hope that it will just take some time for Neshek to get his feel back after so much time off.

"He just felt like he needs to work more, but with the finger, it's been kind of hard," manager Ron Gardenhire said. "We tried to pace ourselves. He said it felt like he hadn't been out there in awhile. He didn't have a release point or anything like that. [He] looks to me like a guy that needs to pitch."